About us

Greg Harris

I am a quantitative analyst interested in any aspect of machine learning that can help my research and improve the predictive models in my trading strategies. I’m hoping to learn from experiments on synthetic data which regression methods may be most useful on real data.


PhD in Computer Science, University of Southern California
Master of Financial Mathematics, University of Minnesota
BS in Applied Physics, Brigham Young University

I’m also pleased to have hired my nephew for the summer of 2022 to help with coding and research:

Abe Harris

I am a current student at Brigham Young University studying applied and computational mathematics with an emphasis in data science. Over the last year, I have greatly enjoyed working on various coding projects such as numerical methods of root finding, iterative methods of integration in three dimensions, and message encryption. When I am not working on a math or programming project, I am usually in the mountains on my bike or rock-climbing. I can be reached on LinkedIn here: www.linkedin.com/in/abraham-harris-utah.